City of Weird

City of Weird

City of Weird 2017 poster
26 April 2017

Five short otherworldly dramas adapted by Cynthia J. McGean from the anthology City of Weird (Forest Avenue Press, Portland, OR, 2016).

"How Do You Say Gentrification in Martian" by Jonathan Hill
A short, graphic-novel/comic style story whose artwork was featured in the pre-show slides.

"Transformation" by Dan DeWeese
What does existential angst look like for killer slime molds from outer space and their nurturing spore-filled mothership when they touch down in Portland?

"The Fixer: A Serial - 1 - The Duchess" by Sean Davis
A noir-style piece featuring a sasquatch with a pot dispensary, a local dyed-in-the-wool prophet and a Russian water ghost, plus the classic hard-boiled detective and a femme fatale with a twist.

"A Code for Everything" by Andrew Stark
The poignant tale of a boy and his robot dog in Portland circa 2025.

"Letters to The Oregonian in the Year 30,000 BC" by Mark Russell
Ancient Portlanders Crolak, Chaka, Grub, and Bill grapple with the trendy new invention of fire and its impact on life in the Yak Village and beyond.

Live performance by Willamette Radio Workshop actors and other community volunteers at Kiggins Theatre in downtown Vancouver, Washington. Produced by Re-Imagined Radio. Streamed live on American Senior Radio Network.

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Directed by Sam Mowry

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Sam Mowry

Live audience: 150
Live stream audience: 672 listeners in 44 countries as follows
United States of America (111), Canada (96), Germany (82), England (77), France (54), Romania (41), Italy (37), Austria (29), Finland (24), Ireland (21), Japan (15), Croatia (10), Mexico (10), Netherlands (9), Russia (8), Brazil (7), Bosnia (4), Ukraine (3), Puerto Rico (3), Indonesia (2), Columbia (2), Barbados (2), Sweden (2), Hungary (2), Denmark (2), Pakistan (1), Honduras (1), Australia (1), Serbia (1), Lativa (1), Hong Kong (1), Belarus (1), Argentina (1), Vietnam (1), Taiwan (1), Estonia (1), Luxembourg (1), India (1), Oman (1), Morocco (1), United Arab Emirates (1), Sri Lanka (1), Guam (1), Monaco (1).

Press & Feedback

Hewitt, Scott. Kiggins Hosts 'City of Weird' Radio Drama. The Columbian, 22 Apr. 2015, pp. D1, D2.